Kundalini Yoga

About Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan (3HO)

Through the combination of Asanas (postures), Kriyas (set of exercises), inner points of concentration, Pranayam (breath exercises), the usage of Mantras (Naad, Sound, Chanting), Bhandas (locks) as well as Mudras (hand/finger-postures) a special energy, named Kundalini energy, shall be stimulated so that the energy starts flowing up the Sushumna (subtle, etheric channel inside the spine) activating all Chakras (energy vortex). This shall be the moment when “(…) he or she merges the unit self with the Infinite Self”.

Kundalini Yoga nach Yogi Bhajan (3HO) ist eine ganzheitliche Methode der Körper- und Energiearbeit. In diesem Yogastil werden verschiedene physische Übungen (Asanas) in rythmischen Bewegungen mit entsprechenden Atemtechniken, dem Singen (Chanten) von Mantras und mentalem Fokus kombiniert. Diese Verknüpfung stärkt den Energiefluss und verleiht Kraft und Ausstrahlung. Eine typische Stunde konzipiert sich aus einer Übungsreihe gefolgt von einer Entspannungsphase und einer anschließenden Meditation. Die Meditation ist sehr vielfältig – manchmal in Bewegung mit Musik, manchmal ganz ruhig im Stillen.

KY is a science of attentiveness, awareness and consciousness that works on the eight Chakras, the arcline, the aura and on the energy flow and through this on the body, the mind and the soul. What is awareness? “Awareness is the active interaction of you as an finite individual identity with you as an infinite potential identity.”[2] The body as a physical vehicle and functional system gets cleaned, trained and is cared for in the regular practice of KY. The science teaches techniques to become and stay healthy by developing a strong immune system, vital glands a strong nervous system, a good circulation and an awareness of your body. It will be understood what the body needs and what in doesn´t need and what it can take and what it can´t take. The mind is being developed, so that it works self-controlled and neutrally to encounter and enjoy the constant changes in life. In the dimension of the soul it needs to be understood what the human origin is. It is a relationship of somebody with the cosmic energy, with a deep contentment of existence, with the Infinite.

Kundalini Yoga dient der Gesundheitsfürsorge und kann daher bei vielen Krankheiten wie beispielsweise bei Verdauungsbeschwerden, Immunschwäche, Schlafstörungen, Übergewicht, Nerven- und Kreislaufproblemen aber auch bei vielen anderen Leiden eine Besserung herbeiführen. Im täglichen Leben kann Yoga zum Beispiel folgende Bereiche ins Gleichgewicht bringen:

  • Gesundheit und Vitalität
  • Kreativität und Intuition
  • Stresskompetenz und Leistungsfähigkeit
  • Zentriertheit und Emotionale Balance
  • Charisma durch Selbstwert
  • Durchsetzungsvermögen
  • Konzentration und Durchhaltevermögen
  • Kommunikative Fähigkeiten sowie Teamfähigkeit

Through the practice of KY exemplarily someone develops the power to get out of insecurity and the boundary of self-belittlement and sustains/strengthens a healthy self-esteem as well as the respect for oneself and others.

With KY somebody learns to control energy and to experience it in every possible situation of life. Energy starts to serve the human whenever it is needed to stay in balance. The Power of KY is the experience of your self. It is the moment when the experience directly touches the heart and changes your being. It leads to the understanding what the connection between the human and the universe is and the human understands that he or she is and that he or she always was. This brings the human to the practical experience to see the infinite in all aspects of his or her life. Kundalini is a creative potential through which, if active, one can become totally, wholly aware.

Yoga is a thousand of years old philosophic tradition. There exist a lot of different understandings and interpretations about what yoga is, as well as a variety of practiced Yoga styles. The word Yoga “(…) has come from the biblical word, yoke. This originated from the root word in Sanskrit: jugit. They both mean “to join together” or “to unite”. Yoga is the union of the individual’s unit consciousness with the Infinite Consciousness. The definition of a Yogi is a person who has totally learned on the Supreme Consciousness (…) until he or she has merged the unit self with the Infinite Self.”[1]

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